Engage Deodorants for Women review, flavors, smells and price list


  1. Quality: Great quality, skin friendly and non-allergic, dries very quickly.
  2. Smell: Soothing smell. Depends on taste but each one is unique and perfect for daily usage.
  3. Stains and other impacts: Does not leave stain on clothes and does not impact skin.
  4. Shelf life: Shelf life is 3 years, hence can be kept for a long time.
  5. Affordability: Since price is very low, easier to purchase multiple deo and keep them for everyday usage.

Verdict: If you need a new deodorant, this is your partner.

Why you should buy: Multiple varieties and fragrances. New smell each day.

Positive Rate: 81%

Flavor Color Fragrance Amazon Price Flipkart Price
Cologne G1 Blue vanilla, bitter orange, honey Rs.261 Rs. 270
Cologne G2 Purple Sensuality of Mandarins Rs. 180 Rs. 250
Blush Pink Floral and Fruity Rs.173 Rs. 175
Drizzle Silver Rich lavender Rs.180 Rs. 179
Spell Blue Sensual, Gentle Rs. 156 Rs.175
Tease Yellow Tangy Rs. 190 Rs. 175
Tempt Golden Rose fragrance Rs.182 Rs. 175
Abandon Orange Citrus, Orange blossom essence Rs.185 Rs. 175
O’Whiff Purple Sophisticated fragrance Rs. 175 Rs. 194

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