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Q&A Diary : QnA a Day by Potter Style Review


This is one thing, I have gifted to many people. My wife, friends, couples, parents, siblings. And this one has been able to impress each one of them every single time.

This is a book which asks a person / couple to answer one question every single day over a period of three years. Answering the question takes less than 5 minutes. You can do it just before jumping to bed or after waking up. Somewhere in the middle as well. After 3 years, you have created a capsule of time, how you have spent 3 years together with your spouse. Each day you get to see where were you last year. What was the state of your minds. It also helps you to introspect yourself and help your relationship better.

The book is made up of good quality of cover. Each page has 9 lines of black and 9 lines of red. Three for each year.

Following are the features of this awesome book:

  1. Size: It is a small (7×5.5 inches), thick (1 inch) book to keep the answers short.
  2. Sample Questions :
    1. 1. Do you keep all your promises ?
    2. What’s your favorite midnight snack ?
    3. Write down something you recently learned about your partner’s family.
  3. Quality: it has great build quality. The cover is hardwood and seems like it would stay for some years.

Buy it from here : QnA Journal

Positive Reviews : 94% on

Why you should consider buying this: This is a very thoughtful gift. Not everyday you come across something that is going to stay with you and your spouse for the rest of your lives. This is one such thing.

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