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Best Yoga Mats Review, Prices


I know, we have heard it all, n times in our life, exercise can only bring your lost health back. I being a pro-health person, also tend to believe so. And I am also a meditation person. This quest for meditation brought me to this yoga mat. After going about possibly every yoga mat in the market,  I have a few things here and there in my mind about what can be good and bad about purchasing a yoga mat.

Yoga mat serves basically 2-3 purpose.

  1. Helps you in sitting while meditating.
  2. Helps you do the Surya Namaskar properly.
  3. Helps in Push ups.
  4. Sometimes, also act as a support when sitting down on floor.

There a few things that a yoga mat should have:

  1. Portability: Should be very portable. Easy to take and throw!!
  2. Durability: Should be durable.
  3. Thickness: Should be thick enough. You don’t want to feel like you are sitting on the floor.
  4. Good Quality: Your skin is going to run on it, if you exercise.
  5. Non-Slippery: You should not slip when you are pushing against the mat.

Here are a few that I personally recommend. I have tried to recommend one for each category: just ok, average, best.


  1. Aerolite Yoga mat (10mm) : Very good thickness, Good support, good Quality, durability.


  1. STRAUSS Yoga mat (6 mm): Good support, non-slippery, comes with a carry bag, Good price.

Just Ok:

  1. Quick Shel Yoga mat (4 mm): Good price, though I would not recommend it since the it is 4 mm thick.

One special mention for Surya Namaskar Yoga mat. I have also seen this yoga mat at a friends house. This looks awesome and has surya namaskar poses printed on the mat. Find it here.

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