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Best Extension cord / Spike Guard / Surge Protector available in India to buy online: Gold Medal LED Spike Guard with surge protector


With so many devices running in the house, round the clock, I ended up charging each one of them sequentially which was seriously a waste of time. Hence, got this spike guard/extension.

Reason why should buy one:

  1. Run many devices and must charge them multiple times in a week.
  2. Have lesser electric points while number of devices are large.
  3. Want to safe guard the devices from spikes in electricity which can seriously destroy the device and show them the bin.
  4. Want a cool LED light device for your computer table 😛
  5. Carry on trips for entire group charging parallelly.
  6. To use multiple international sockets.

Here is the review of this spike guard:

  1. This has 6 ports. Has international sockets in all 6.
  2. No trips or fluctuations when electricity goes off or comes.
  3. On/Off light makes it user friendly to know if it is on or off.
  4. Solid hold. Feels strong and durable material.
  5. Very durable. Have been using it for over 6 months.
  6. Beautiful on/off LED light which gives a very cool effect.
  7. Comes in great packing.
  8. Can be easily hung on the wall.

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More Pics:

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